Thursday, December 6

Florence 16 • Ponte Vecchio 2

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If you read yesterday's post you knew I faced a choice.

I decided to dart straight ahead through the pedestrian tunnel, almost running I broke through the other end... and whipped about to see this: The ancient Ponte Vecchio in the full explosion of the first morning sun.



Andreas said...

Both Ponte Vecchio images are fantastic, the first probably even more. It's a pity that I didn't go down there that morning when we lost each other. I stayed one bridge downstream, hoping that you would turn up again in time.

Anyway. I may not have Ponte Vecchio Images, but bridge images I have, and I will post one or two this weekend. See you on the Radiant Vista :)

bikejohn said...

I must agree with the previous entry, both images are wonderful. I find myself experiencing two completely different emotions with the photos.
The first is about history, place, story. What's down that archway? Who might have walked through there over the hundreds of years it's been there?
The second is completely about that 'explosion of light'. It's about soft, warm, golden light.
Wonderful stuff Ted.