Wednesday, December 12

Can You Hear The Tenor Sax?

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This isn't my day.

1. The internet at the office was repeatedly down.
2. A mystery bug developed in Photoshop so that today's image would not reproduce appropriately necessitating a lot of work arounds...
3. Apple's Mac.Com which is frequently little more than a hobby business of theirs, was once again not operating so that the image was not posted properly. You may or may not be able to see it here. If not, come back later and they will eventually get around to resetting their storage area where this video fill is stored.

Sigh... Good night....


Andreas said...

Ahh, the idea of the image frame again! Mmmm ... nice :)

Sorry to hear of your troubles.


Ashley said...

i love this! very hot and youthful! love the colors! i just love all of your work... so talented :)

i have just posted a new article on cambodia with a few photos. please let me know what you think.

Andreas said...

It's interesting. Whenever I come back to this image, it is breathtaking anew. I guess this means it is really good. I mean, really really REALLY.