Saturday, December 8

Family Help!

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Okay Byrne descendants. Here is the family portrait - December 8, 2007. And here is what you have do to find a nice large blow up without those annoying numbers.

Send me an email to

I need your name
Your email address
Your mailing address
Your telephone number
And your best guess at who everyone in this photograph is by number.... Along with whatever email addresses you might have so I can send them directions to the photos as well. Um, make sure that children are related to parents, K?

And of course any comments you'd like to add by clicking on "Comments" below... Hey, that'd be distinctly cool.

I shall return a web address of a super secret web place where you can find this portrait and other pix from Joe's funeral dinner held yesterday at the Flourtown CC. Thanks

To all of my other visitors from around the world... Here's a cherished family moment... Maybe some of you can pick me out? What I'm holding's probably a clue, eh?



Corey Bienert said...

Goodness gracious Ted.

And I thought I had a big family!

Debra Trean said...

True family moment and Yes...we can pick you out.... lol... nice family and a touching event as well. I am sorry for your loss as well.