Wednesday, February 5

Here's What February Feels Like Here!

A winter stormed
Leaving the sun
Too weak to warm.

Yet groundhogs warned
Of cold beyond
A woman scorned.

Brrrr…. Again my Canon 7D's EFS 17-85mm caught frozen Susquehanna river grass bent by the frigid sunrise. Processed in PS4, with mixed media and custom brushes blending AlienSkin's SnapArt 4's Oil Paint with Impasto. 


Cedric Canard said...

Perhaps because it's summer over here and I've been to the beach recently but this looks like a seaside sunset. What I assume is ice and snow looks like white sand. SO interestingly, this photo looks quite warming and inviting to me.

Ted said...

Heh-heh… please note the title of this blogsite Cedric…. All is what one wants it to be, right? Hmmm…. Yes, as I look at the image, perhaps it is of say, a Hilton Head sunset in mid-summer? Or maybe a Jersey Shore capture in Fall or Spring? No… no… perhaps it's on Elk Mountain at the bottom where the winds have whipped some of the fresh powder from the machines that groomed the slope to my rear?

ImageFiction, huh? :-) Perception is reality, right? Pictures can't lie. But snow and sand can both lay. There's a fine line between lying and laying, right? Which gets me back to perceptions!!!! :-)

John - Visual Notebook said...

Very nice processing. I can never get a photo to look right when I convert to a more painted look such as water color or oil. You've got a great touch for it!

Ted said...

John: Thanks. I've found that I need to ujse a lot of Photshop layers each filled with a different customized SnapArt version of the master image. Then I carefully mask in the various parts (often separately affected for dynamic range and perhaps texture application), so that the final is quit literally the sum of its parts. I've found no push-button app that will create the final image imagined in my head. And it's fun working the parts.