Monday, October 21


My friends at TMElive.COM announced a challenge to invite submissions that visually expressed the meaning of community. I was blank... no bullets in the gun. I may even have missed the deadline. I went through all sorts of complexities... y'know... churches, throngs, playgrounds... And then... then... it occurred to me that maybe I do simple better? Maybe one man... elegantly alone... silently beside a screaming sign before the symbol that represents what so  many of his dearest friends deeply believe...  Maybe this is the achingly poignant expression of what community means...

Over there
Before the flag
I saw him

Standing loud
Without uttering
A sound.

He allowed
Those around him

To speak what
He cherished

Canon 40D, Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens, PP in PS4


Cedric Canard said...

The sentiment of community seems clear to me. Perhaps even more poignant than any of the other ideas you mentioned.

But then again I have always felt that the fewer the elements, the fewer the words, the louder the message. Of course it's just a small matter of picking just the right elements, just the right words.

That's the hard bit though in this case you've made it look easy.

Ted said...

Thanks Cedric... and uh-huh, I can see that discipline in your work... To distill out the un-necessary. I worry though when I do it that I've also eliminated nuance. But then again... I wonder what nuance really means in art other than distraction? Maybe that's the difference between art and philosophy? :-)

Cedric Canard said...

"the difference between art and philosophy"… Oh my. Now that something I had not thought of before. I just realised I have never separated the two before; I have always treated them as two sides of a coin. Perhaps I've been wrong. Will need to contemplate that one.