Tuesday, October 29

Biking Around Last Weekend

There are no seascapes in Lancaster County
No snowy mountain peaks
Our skyscraper's about 12 stories high
Our only city's got 65,000 people

10 biking minutes from
That brick & shutter city's epicenter
The countryside 
Looks like...

You know what?
I don't miss the
Snowy mountain peaks
Dense packed cities 
Where courtesy means
Ignoring anyone nearby...

And all of this is only a few auto hours from NYC, Philly, Baltimore, and DC. In fact workers commute to each of those places by Amtrak. Yep... not too shabby, huh?

Caught these two just off of Columbia Avenue with my Canon G10. Stitched the panos together in PS4 then, after carefully adjusting their dynamics, I layered-in multiple iterations of AlienSkin's new SnapArt 4 Watercolor adjusting the brushstrokes, paint brushes, and stroke lengths as needed. That panorama up there is designed to print at about six feet on its horizontal edge!

Fall's the beautiful moment that
Lacks a happy ending. 

1 comment:

Cedric Canard said...

I've always been a city person myself but I admit to having seconds thoughts of late. The lure of country/sea/mountains is starting to make itself felt on my psyche. Maybe it's age or maybe the cities aren't what they used to be.