Saturday, June 19


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Fashion’s like politics: Their objectives are similar and so are their abuses.


NYNY: Canon G10. Two hats and a head.

So what's going on here? First off the G10's going out with me a lot more than my new 7D. Yep, the camera you've got is the best one possible, right?

Anywayzzzzz.... The idea of shop windows is so URBAN. On a rural winding road or majestic natural vista... well you just don't whap into store front filled up in ways meant to grab your feelings. The tug at my feelings and make me want to tease out their poetry.

And I've done it here first with the vacuum lens on my G10, then with square cropping the details which I hen used Topaz and Alien Skin's SnapArt2 to brush away anything but mood. There's an attitude along the streets of New York and a part of it, like the back melody of a fugue comes from the shops.

Here's one three note chord that I really enjoyed.


John Roberts said...

With all you do to your photos post-exposure, does the 7D offer any real advantage? It would seem to me that a smaller, lighter camera that is still capable of really good image quality (like the G10) suits your style of shooting better. I find that some of your most arresting images seem to be ones that you apparently just "found" while roaming around or going about your day. As was true for Cartier-Bresson, the smaller, carry-anywhere kind of camera seems made for you.

Ted said...

Hmmm.... Yeah, I wondered exactly the same thing John. You probably know that Canon's new G11 has fewer Mpxls than the G10 (14.5 v. 10?)? They argued that there was less noise on the smaller frame with fewer pixels crammed in. BUT... I don't do a lot of low light work amd I like the ability to crop. Hence the big pixel mouth of the G10 in raw... gives me max ability to capture and enhance. For my purposes, I think the G10 is a lot more useful than its successor.

The 7D allows interchangeable glass that opens entirely different opportunities. It is WYSIWYG through the view finder, and it allows hd video (which I am playing with through Final Cut Express). But... it is as convenient as carrying a golf bag. Especially in the heat of summer, I'm less and less likely to want to lug it and its lenses around. And the best camera is the one you have with you.

Since I have become as much a PP artist as a photographer, I've also concluded that the G10 can satisfy a lot of my passion. Moreover, its right from the FlashCard images are startlingly good and for all intents indistinguishable from the 7D's images.

There's an old adage, "It's not the indian, it's the arrow." Did you see the images I posted on 6/12 and 6/13? Those are from my cheepo Verizon cell phone's 1mpxl camera. That arrow is kind of crummy but given some forethought, I can work within its limits.

I guess the BIG difference with the 7D is that the limits are soooooo less constraining... Which means the possibilities are soooo much larger, eh?

They are all tools... including Photoshop, Alien Skin, Topaz... lenses, tripods, strobes... wuddever.... Not one is the silver bullet, or silver arrow :-)

The thing is, since all of us photogs are gearheads.... there's a bunch of fun in searching for that silver thingee... Huh?

John Roberts said...

Your logic is indisputable. What fun is only one camera? What B. B. King said about lovers could also be said of cameras: "One love ahead, one love behind, one in my arms, and one on my mind."