Sunday, June 13

1Mpxl Phone Cheepo Again

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Another from Friday night. I'm thinking that a lot of folks have gone out and bought Hulga cameras. Those are plastic film cameras that look like 1950s Kodak snapshot boxes.They're so shoddily made that light leaks onto the film and the crappy plastic lenses have all sorts of imperfections so that the final images seem like spiritual vomit. People look at the results and go, "Heavy Man! Soooooo DEEEEEP!" And I try not to put my finger down throat.... GAG!

They also expect that the point and clicker (as opposed to a photographer) will go through the hassle of sending 12 shot film rolls off to a lab somewhere and wait for "instant gratification" when the prints arrive a week or so later.

BUT why go Hulga when most of you, like me, are carting around 1mpxl cameras in our cellphones that come equipped with super crappy plastic lenses? And of course we've smeared those openings with all sorts of finger grease each time we use the phones. Nothing like random grease on plastic to smear highlights delightfully into shadows. And the result?




Like yesterday's post the image was captured just after the sun set through my Verizon LG. Question... why have I spent bundle on cameras and glass when all the while I was carting around this portal into the mystical world? It's a puzzlement don't you think.

Anybody want me to do a cellphone wedding shoot? I shall charge TOP PRICE for my ethereal interpretation.

Take note Andreas Manessinger :-)


John Roberts said...

We have the same phone. I didn't know I had such artistic potential right there in my pocket!

Flo (tonebytone) said...

LOL, John, the potential is in your mind, not your pocket!

Ted, you have indeed sunk to a new creative low with the descriptor "creative vomit"! I can't stop laughing!

So Holgas, Dianas and other toy cameras don't set your creative juices on fire - perhaps you need some "spiritual digestive aids"?

You know that the pendulum always swings to the opposite end of its tether before returning to a happy middle stasis, don't you?

Photography started out with not very well defined or focused images. So in the intervening years, the focus has been on improving the focus until it's so darned tack sharp - that the tack revolted!

So now we have crappy cameras. It's just part of a natural evolutionary change. Deal with it!

And deal with it you have, in your own creative way. I like your iPhone images very much.