Saturday, May 2

Against Racism... Poster #1

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Thousands come each year. They fill Musser Park and the streets around it. They run for prizes, they run for fun, they run to be together... Together... Yeah, it's the annual Race Against Racism, and it's about 'together'. Nobody loses... You know what I'm saying?


First I turned to AlienSkin's Bokeh filter then, to create a powerful poster, once again AlienSkin's SnapArt, this time the impasto filter pulled out exactly what I needed to say. The morning broke cloudy so that light was wonderfully flat and my mighty Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens was the work horse that day. But then again, it's a wildlife lens, right? Plus the image stabilization holds it steady as a surgeon's fingers.

For those of you who enjoy it.... Here's the virgin image direct from my flashcard (again, just click upon it for a larger image). When there are models like this, I guess I could have used a cellphone camera, huh?


Unknown said...

I just adore you AND your works !
this is Wonder full!

Ted said...

You're wonderful to find it wonder full Heh heh heh... Thanks a4p.... I'm growing fascinated by what this technique can do...

Debra Trean said...

so cute...and yes a perfect face... I think racism is alive and well I have faced it myself in the land of IDAHO often. I still can not get over how uneducated some of the people are. Coming from the Bay Area to here was UNREAL .... trust me. Ten years we have been here and I still get weird looks for not being white. LOL