Saturday, January 31

The Horror Of Wealth

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An archetype is a kind of cliché. It lets the artist let the visitor do most of the work. For example if I wanted to quickly develop a warm romantic mood I could start with a dreamy, golden sunset. That's one archetype. Want determination? How about a sweating blacksmith... And so on. But... but... what happens when you smash a couple of archetypes up against one another? Suppose I took a haughty dowager and a stumpy admiral? And suppose I suggested mystery with some heavy texturing?

Wouldn't the elements all steeped in a dark, even murky light, kick your brain into gear to work out the pattern? Wouldn't they crank up the engine of your imagination to explain how this stern babe related to this little guy?

I knew the answer when I planned the whole thing. See, I wanted to show a relationship which could be explained only one way. I wanted to show a pairing that nature alone would never make. One that only culture would create. And here it is. Let me ask you now, would these two be a couple if humans had never invented ---- wealth? Money? Inheritance?

And just think, in a brief three or four generations they'd produce a great grandchild... named Paris.

Here are the originals from my flash cards.

Did some flea market exploration and among the junk found the babe hanging on a garage wall and the admiral on a rickety table. Realizing their ability to explain the power of 'Old Money' I hunted for the right texture screens and thanks to RavenSoul I suddenly had not one, but four options Seems that she discovered the textures as devices for an artist's challenge at for the Fine Art Composites group. And each of the textures brought depth to different parts of this final image.

I really like it when filters, effects, brushes, textures, and other tools allow us to pull out components of our intentions from different sectors of an image to create a whole that was simply impossible a decade or so back.

"Wheeeee...." And it's terrific when someone else does the work for you in discovering just the right textures, huh? So everything's come together nicely here... my idea filtered in part through the feelings of Raven Soul's textures. All powerful archetypes, huh?


Unknown said...

You are an artist, keep writing and I'll keep reading!!! Seems unfair, how about a ride on my boat?

Ted said...

(Mike) You're in Coral Gables, right? We have a helmet of ice over the snow that's coating the city of Lancaster. And under the snow... theres more ice. Some of it is black ice. You dont want to step casually onto black ice...or you will casually fine that your ass is recolored in dark shades of red speckled blue.

Yeah... a boat ride sounds hot right now. And anything hot sounds totally good.

Unknown said...

Sorry you have so much ice, it was 75 today. If your ever in the area give me heads up and I'll make good on that boat ride.

Andreas said...

Masterly. And thanks to you I am hearing Brahms' "Deutsches Requiem" right now. "Denn alles Fleisch es ist wie Grass". How's that for another layer to your composite :-?