Sunday, January 4

Lure Of Maniacal Boutique

Prey For A Shopping Day
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At first it merely caught her eye. The window display, filled with dresses and shoes that were so... so... subtly wicked. It couldn't hurt to go in, right? Just to look?

She missed the name above the door.

It read: "PREY".


Okay... okay... So this is a tad, um, murky. But you did see the name above this blogsite, right? It reads, "ImageFICTION"!


mcmurma said...

Very cool! The slight murkiness (is that a word?) is what makes this image so appropriate. Lends it more of a cinematic appeal.

Ted said...

(Michael) Yea... I done threw the murk all about here. But given our culture's preoccupation with the evils of sex... well this just seemed a natural, no?