Monday, November 24

A Child Is A Future Probe

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Buried deep within our children: a time capsule. To be opened... When?


At Andreas request.... Here's the virgin image from my FlashCard. Comments?


Andreas said...

Hmm ... I love it when I write a comment, preview it and then accidentally close the window :)

Here we go again: I'm always fascinated by your imagination. Could I please see what came out of the camera? Not to judge the outcome, of course. It's brilliant and there would have been millions of other possible ways you could have walked, many of them with probably similarly brilliant results, no, it's because I'd like to see if I can imagine why you took exactly that way.

Ted said...

Done. Wuddaya think?

Andreas said...

Interesting :)

I didn't recognize the mirroring when I first looked at the image, but it works, and this wider-than-cinemascope aspect ration is perfect as well.

Jan Klier said...

Hmm... I actually like the original image more - it has so much story telling potential, which I feel is getting lost in your edited version.

But then on the other hand, I admire your ability to push an image and create something totally new from it. That's not always easy and requires a lot of creativity and open mind. So even if I didn't connect with your creative version, I like it for that aspect.


mcmurma said...

Your treatment of this image reminds me very much of several others you have done in this vein. "The Gliding Light" is, perhaps, the most recent example, but there have been many others. All executed in the same style, but, I think, with varying degrees of success.

My favorites were "Draw Boy" and "Madonna"--especially "Madonna", even though I'm hard pressed to tell you why. Which is probably why I refrained from comment when I first saw it. But now that I have had a chance to think about it, I believe I can say at least a few things.

Subject isolation. No secret here, you are cutting away or excising the unnecessary to draw attention to the prize.

The way you do this, though, is delightful... with auras and tonal mutations and sweeps of light that always serve to enhance the final product. It's weird, it's unusual, but it's cool. You work in ways that I would never imagine, and it is always good to see such diversity.

I like this image well enough, but it fails to move me the way "Madonna" does. I don't know that it's a fault of the work you have done, per se, just that my senses have failed to jibe with yours on this particular expression.

Stacey Olson said...

As a mother of two boys, my suggestion would be.. DO NOT OPEN> (wink) great image. I really need to find some more time to try this.. maybe this winter..