Wednesday, May 7


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Hmmm.... yesterday's post is bothering me. Well, actually some of my friends are bothering me. They, er, sorta... dislike yesterday's post. So here's today's post....


Stacey Olson said...

LOL, What do your friends know?? Ok sorry, I have to agree, I like this photograph better. there is a calm befor the storm effect here that is really quite great.. thanks for sharing both versions..

Andreas said...

Well, it's really hard to choose. I simply won't do so :)

No, actually the first version has a kind of enamel look that I really like, so that's my choice. It looks kind of ... decorative :)

On the other hand, I have a problem here that I frequently have with your work. What can I say? In its remoteness from mainstream photography, your work is not only unassailable on technical grounds (you do know your craft), but it is also hard to judge. By refusing to work properly photographically (how was that? He, he!), you set yourself and your work aside. One can only accept it, and that's it. Basically this version is as good as the last one. It has another mood, but that's what I suppose you intended. There is no meaning for a concept of "correctness" left, and even "better" or "worse" are more or less useless. Definitely #2 is better, but only for what you made it. For the original purpose of course it's #1.

Hmm ... not that I don't sympathize. I'd like to see my work in a very similar way (well, at least I like to try to), but this makes choices so damn unfair.

And there is more to it. Just to make it even less fair, you have the habit of mixing up image with thought in a way that's almost impossible to avoid. Basically it's hard to see anything in your images that is not what you expressly say they are.

Hmm ... looks like your damn successful in twisting my response to your images in exactly the direction where you want it. Damn. I feel manipulated :))