Sunday, March 2


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Sometimes sunlight can lever behind and snigger under things to ignite them. You can imagine on a perfectly still summer day: the outdoor light puffing up the curtains like a breeze: Teasing them out like the skirts on a tiny curtsy-girl. This kind of glow is more painterly than photographic. It's wonderful when light's caught like glimmering golden foam under a curtain's veil. Momentarily you're aware of life's orderly details - and how its parts balance.

With all of reality's significant meaning to be photographed, I wonder why sentimental moments like this seem at least as important. Any guesses?


Andreas said...

Ahh, you definitely know your Vermeer :)

Significance is a completely subjective and at best fuzzy concept and materialism explains hardly half of the world. How significant is love? Or not to squash a spider but carry it out into the garden?

Love this image.

April said...

Beautiful. And quite different from you!

John Roberts said...

A wonderful transition from light to shadow on the curtains. Definitely an air of mystery here.

Debra Trean said...

Only you could make a window sound more fascinating than ever. As ever seeing things from your eyes can only delight the viewer.

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Hey Ted.

I like it.

mcmurma said...

You have captured some magic here, that much is for sure. So much so, in fact, that I wonder sometimes just how much fiction is really in your images? After all, you can't be making up all this great stuff!