Wednesday, March 12


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We spent last weekend in and around San Fransisco.

Sausalito is a sort of fantasy spot. I'll never live there, which is probably a good thing. I've only visited a dozen or so times and each as a day-tripper over from San Fran there on the other side of the Bay. Which means I have surface knowledge: Know what I mean? It is for me what I want it to be. So it is the place I'd like to live, because that's the way I want it to be, a town that overlooks the glimmer of Oz as the sun fades into the west. It is at the end of the world... or its beginning.

Yeah, it's a fantasy.


Andreas said...

Interesting approach to sunsets :)

I'm sure many people will hate what you've done to the light, but of course you've made it exactly what you said it is for you: a fantasy. Dark borders on the hills included. Hmm ... it almost looks like a collage. Interesting, as I said.

Btw: It's good to get the fix earlier this time :)

Brian Bastinelli said...

Ted I like this image a lot. I don't mind the light on the rocks. I think it's because it's how you see it or saw it or want it to be in the Sausalito that you will bring home with you.

I had the fortune of having dinner there in a spot much like the one in this image. A nice little place with great food, nice music and a fantastic view of the beautiful sunset.

I couldn't agree with you more, there are many places that I love and wish I could live, but I am only a passer through.

For me those place are everything I want them to be and nothing I don't want them to be.

Its a shame that in the moving van might come all the things I hoped to leave behind...

So a visit or two a year aloow me to love the place and keep the hope and dream alive until the next time.

Debra Trean said...

beautiful area indeed - I will be going in April for a much needed visit to my old stompin grounds the bay area is where I am from so you can imagine how and why Idaho has been such an adjustment. I can not wait!