Friday, February 8

May 30 • 2007:• The LCCC's Battleground 3

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There's an odd thing about construction... it appears to happen in spurts. At first the structures on this site were razed in just a few days and everything looked very different. Then the niggling details took over and even after months so little appears different, at least at first glance. But as you study the little things, you sense that tens of thousands of them have occurred. And as all of that was going on, the two commissioners, one a Democrat, the other a Republican continued their battle pouring tens and hundreds of thousands into the pockets of lawyers trying to stop this thing.
Yet oddly, resistance to their resistance seemed to be building. It was faint at first but by May of last year as I travelled around Lancaster County I began to hear supporters emerging. People who sensed that this could mean the rebirth of their county seat. That it could mean a dependable source of revenue for a city staggering under state and federal mandates. But still, one wondered as Spring broke, if backlash could possibly offset those two of three commissioners and their gang of supporters.

Things still felt grim.

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Debra Trean said...

construction is growth and change and people do not like either...I happen to see it in my own town as big as we are with our ONE traffic light. Yes I do live in nowhere land!!! But it too is growing and change makes folks crazy but it is part of growth and change is good.