Thursday, February 7

March 10, 2007: The LCCC's Battleground 2

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I began this series yesterday in the future, August 11, 2007. That was a scene setter. And what happened before? Today let's step back six months and peer into the hole that might never fill. Or at least that's what rational people thought on March 10th as they cleared the space and dug into the colonial dirt of downtown Lancaster.
As the heavy metal machinery gathered in the pit, heavy hitter lawyers were gathering at the direction of two of three county commissioners who were turreting the guns of the Lancaster County treasury to bear in order to stop these machines.

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Debra Trean said...

This is an amazing shot it looks like you took it with a special lens. I really like the series of a project in construction - seldom does the finished product look as amazing as the uprising to me. It use to be my field before kids and I still admire people who design and the contractors that put it all together piece by piece. Really an amazing study!