Saturday, August 18

Reeeeel Minimalism

Um, see the image I've posted tonight? Er, well... there's a reason you can't. There ain't none! I'm working on the finest level prints that I can produce for my upcoming show and it's just taking up all of my computer time here. Is that a bad excuse? I guess it's a reason. Pity because today was a photographer's day... gorgeous sky, great weather... and it sure looked terrific... from inside my studio window. Hey, maybe I should have taken a picture of the window, thrown it misty, and WHAM! ... thoughtful art, eh? Oh never mind... Stop back tomorrow, K?


John Roberts said...

I also was busy with other projects this week, and for the first time in months, I did not post something every day this week. I actually felt guilty about it! How did I get on this treadmill of thinking I have to post something EVERY day? This was supposed to be a hobby, not a job!

Debra Trean said...

No its not what ya gotta do.... We are all excited for ya. So get 'er done .... I can not wait to hear about your special day...take pictures so we can see before and after...your gonna ROCK!!!!

I agree with John is hard to get a post daily at times.

Warm tired old gal here will land soon.

Ted said...

(John & PNF): Yeah, the tyranny of the daily post is nagging. But I've found the discipline useful. I try to use this blog as a combination of therapy and a learning experience. The therapy of course comes from its ability to let me escape the pressures of my professional world. The learning comes from trying at least some rarely tried technique or process each day so that the tools become such second nature that I can use them almost unthinkingly to tease an idea or a feeling out of an image.

It's a little like the way a musician feels it's important to practice every day, or the way an athlete needs some sort of daily workout. Plus the mastery of technique improves the workflow and let's everything happen quickly. After all, time is our scarcest resource, eh?