Friday, August 10

Ego Thingee & Show News

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Wheeeee! I've found the ultimate self portrait camera. Huh? Nope, this isn't a mirror shot. Not a reflection. My MacBookPro comes bundled with an application utility called PhotoBooth. What's cool is that it takes images with the light from the monitor. The thing flashes in your face as the, um, shutter opens. Hmmmm... I guess this thing's got a shutter, right?

You know how I run GEEK STUFF with all the tech info after images? Wonder how you do it with this image? I just looked at the metadata in PhotoShop... it give me nuthin! No shutter speed, no aperture, no focal length. It is a mystery. This brings a whole new meaning to "box camera", huh?

Whudaya think of the portrait? Huh? Huh? Izzit art?

GEEK STUFF: MacIntosh MacBookPro: ISO ?: Focal Length ?: Metering Mode ? - Wuddever.


Many of you know that I'm going to have a one man show on September 7 at the Lancaster Historic Preservation Trust. I've decided to show about two dozen images printed mostly within 13X19" dimensions and hung in 16X20" frames. Thanks to all of you who suggested your favorites. Most of them made the cut.


I decided to get four substantial enlargements. And one I wanted to be a BIGGIE! My print-guy found that three of the four I chose could be exploded to BILLBOARD size. Hmmmmm... Okay... too big. But I'm a man. Men like BIG things. So I chose one horizontal image and ordered it blown to EIGHT FEET along the horiizontal!!!

Then all of my friends... in chorus screeched, "You did WHAT???" And my wife refused to let me bring it home.. and.. and...

Sigh... I called the Printer-Guy and I've wimped out, dropping it back to five and half feet on the horizontal....

But in my dreams I see it ... GORDO! Image eight by four feet!!!! Can you imagine? Never mind that we lack a wall in our house large enough to hang it. Never mind it won't fit into my car. It's the idea of the thing. BIG-TIME MAN-LY

They'll be ready in two weeks. Oh, BTW, they're going to be printed on canvas and stretched on wooden frames. Hope they'll be crowd pleasers.

Um, hope there'll be crowds. Could get very lonely standing there by myself.... ULP!

Any crowd inducing suggestions? No, naked models are not an option: my wife also frowned on that idea. Sigh....


Chad Oneil Myers said...


Some of my friends and I have done the fun house mirror effects with that program. Makes some great "Cone Heads" out of people ;)

Anonymous said...

That's a new kind of self-portrait. I didn't know that you couldn't let go of the camera even when sitting in front of the computer... ;-)

Anyway, the portrait strikes me as rather "atmospheric", it has a kind of "Hey dude, I mean serious business" attitude.

Hmm...1 feet is roughly 30 cm, right? (Why do the British and Americans always have to use those weird units? Ah, I guess it's because the exhibition is in a historic place, right? ;-))

Then 8 feet would be nearly 2.5 meters. Wow, that's HUGE. Which of your pictures did you choose for that enlargement?

Debra Trean said...

I have that photo booth too and I have created some pretty warped images from it LOL..grins

I think it is a fun program and it did a pretty good job ....

mcmurma said...

Being stuck here in cyber-world I have no idea what kind of local press you have, but I would suggest trying to get some of it!

Have tea with a reporter (or an editor) from the local paper(s), and let them know what you have coming up. See if they will publish a short story about your work and perhaps a link to your website or even publish an image or two. All in advance of the the show, of course.

While your advertising, make up a few promotional pieces to toot your own horn. Nothing too fancy, just a few flyers and/or promo posters that give a hint of your work along with the dates of the show. You hang these, frameless, at any local lost-and-found bulletin board. And maybe even a few store fronts?

Anything more would be too-too, anything less would be self defeating.

Just a thought.

And congrats again on the show.