Tuesday, April 17

Uh-oh... Wuzzat The Top I Just Stepped Over?

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There's no excuse for this. Well maybe there's an explanation. Um, it's Spring. And with the sun just right on the newly green leaves... Well it's Spring and that brings out the best and worst in my enthusiasm. And well I was able to do this image, so I did this image.

And maybe self control is a good thing. And definitely self-indulgence is a bad thing. And this thing screams out "LOOKIT ME!" And little kids who do that should get their knuckles cracked. But... but... well... It's Spring and a that's when maybe... just maybe... You'll forgive me for going over the top with this W. Lemon Street image I took when I picked up a friend for lunch. Or not.... Sigh....


Andreas said...

Ahh, I missed this one. Not colored pencil but pen and watercolor.

Hmm ... basically the same should apply, but somehow I like this much better. You're right, this must have something to do with spring, and in a way this is appropriate where the other one was arbitrary. I'm still not sure if it's worth following that path, because you won't easily get rid of that digital "edge detect" look, and if so, I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle. Still nice though.


mcmurma said...

I like this image a great deal. Over the edge? I think not. At least not your edge. Some photographers might have a hard time reconciling this image as being a photograph, but so what? The tools are the tools and the air is the air. It's this images very deviation from the norm that casts it into the realm of make believe. It looks to me like work of another medium all together-pen and watercolor-and that's just plain cool.