Sunday, April 29


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I sensed an unmet need. Something elemental which perhaps patience and a largeness of time might either create or restore to this place. As I stood there I could feel some mystery, perhaps a human moment suspended against... What? An original wildness? Sometime in the past people scratched gashes into a primitive veneer. And nature is erasing them. It's her job.

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Okay... so I looked reeeeeel carefully at the image above. And i tried to like it. But it just didn't capture the feeling of ... suspense... which I felt as I peered through my lens. I wanted more tension to recover a sense of that instant. Here's a rethink. Or rework. Or wuddever. As usual, I'd appreciate input. Does this second take reinforce the sensation of nature's impending erasure?

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Darn... can't leave this image alone. As I return to this moment, I'm realizing it's the tree and not the building/road which is the star performer in this cinematic thingee. Or maybe it is. And when she gets to fan out in center stage, she does dazzle against the sky, no? Hmmmmm.... This whole thing is becoming a puzzlement. I've gotta' let it go! Grumble.... Good night.

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Anonymous said...

I think you were right to keep reworking this image Ted. The last version definitely holds the most appeal for me. Perhaps it's the near perfect symmetry of the tree that makes front and centre work for it thus designating the building to a supporting role.