Thursday, December 28

Suite Moments

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Deadlines day is, like, synonymous with the last minutes of an NBA game. There's a blast of frenzy you can smell. My space at the magazines is NOT a paperless office. Note that you cannot even see the monitor on my desktop Apple. Fact is, should any of this cargo shift, limbs could snap. It takes me the best part of the morning-after-deadline, to file, clean and repack the stuff each month that gets flung around in those last moments. It is simultaneously a way hot job... and a way cool way to make a living.
Careful where you tread in here, you could splash through a puddle of adrenalin. And that's a suite thing.

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Anonymous said...

Ted - It is fun to get a glimpse into you daily life.

My office perpetually resembled this image. The various stacks were time layered. Disheveled, yes, but I could lay my hands on most anything I needed in a minute or two.

I for one do miss your images and witty commentary on RV. Please don't be a stranger there, but if not, I have book marked this blog and will check in often.

Be well and Happy New Year.