Saturday, April 15



To understand Turkey start with the dominant reality... the awesomeness of Islam. Almost everything in Turkey whirls about it. And symbolically... The Great Blue Mosque, without subtlety, tells the world much what St. Peter's Basilica proclaims from the other Rome... There is a huge difference between theocratic and political passion. Increasingly, Liberal democracy is in tension both with the legacy of St. Peter's in the West and this triumphal Blue Mosque in the East. 

Miss that point and neither Christian nor Islamic culture is penetrable. 

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Andreas said...

Hmm ... yes, there is increasing similarity between Islamist fanatism and Evangelical fanatism. I'd leave at least the current pope out this time :D

I knoiw you replaced the sky, and I know this sky is wrong in scope, but wow, does this look good. Hmm ... this does look a bit like the blue mosque, but some minarets might have been plucked ... and if it is the blue mosque, there is no way it could have been seen from any water that way. I see what you're doing here. Fascinating. Well done :)

Btw, Ive tried all eight email addresses I have of you. Only strat.mark AT tbyrne117 AT did not bounce. Did you happen to receive my mail at one of them?