Thursday, June 28

The Pennsylvania Barn Series 4

Ahah! See - there's the barn and how it fits into this scene. Told you that it looms over everything. And since this is a wide angle view, well - this still understates its mass. Anyway, look at its overbite. 

Okay, that's really an overlay, the way that the second story overhangs the space below - it's a key feature of a Pennsylvania barn. It kept farmers and animals out of the elements, and allowed wagon and truck loading and unloading as well as pulling stuff to the animal stalls up there. Easier to clean out as well. The place is huge.

GEEK STUFF: Hand-held my goto 17-85mm on the Canon 7D Mk-II. Processed with PSCC-2018 and worked with Clarity in the Topaz studio then finished with AlienSkin's Exposure X3's Technicolor - at least in spots. Really love the color density that it affects. 

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Cedric said...

I've enjoyed this series on this barn. This place is an architectural gem and this particular composition gives a good sense of the enormity of the barn. I can't imagine living in anything that large (my ideal size dwelling is more along the lines of the cottage in the foreground of the photo), but I would enjoy visiting such a place.

And the colours in this photo (as in much of your work) create so much depth. I like it.