Friday, January 3

Finally: Christmas Kids 6 - The End!

Christmas is over, so are the kiddee pix. Sorry, got a tad obsessed with old fashioned portraiting! Got these two grand nieces who steal lens time whenever we get together. It's not fair…. But this is it… Here's Katelyn for the last 2013 Christmas image. I promise… promise… Well, I'm resolved right this moment. Hmmm… just remembered that we did go to an Irish pub for lunch, wonder what those pix look like? But this page rounds out the equal time with three posts for each girl. No favoritism, right? 

Went low key with the last image of Samantha so rethought high key here with Katelyn Once again I hand held that long  Canon EFS 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens screwed into my Canon 7D. But I turned off the stabilizers and went after the blur of the kid's effervescence. Lotsa grain when you crank up the ISO into the thousands. But I like the gritty authenticity of it. Tricky metering with the window in the background. Which led to the high key concept.  Wuddaya think, all little girl, right? 


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Cedric Canard said...

Beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. The photo's not bad either.

Just kidding. Your family portraits are great Ted. Cherish these moments; this "little" miss isn't going to stay little for long I bet.