Sunday, August 19

Sunset On Middle Street

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“Just once,” the old worker muttered,

“Just once in anyone’s lifetime I’d like to see…”
(Was that a tear? Or did the sun make him squint?)
“Just once I’d like to see…
a recession start in Washington. Or at least…”
(Yeah, it was a tear…)
“Finally hit the hundreds of thousands of bastards down there gettin’ fat…”
He shrugged toward his mailbox hung on crumbling bricks
“Off the bills they cram into that!
Winter’s comin’,” He whispered. 
“We gotta’ make ’em STOP!”

Late August’s sun lowered over Middle Street.

Sunday evening. Canon G10, Topaz custom enhancements, spot masked dynamic range adjustments, OnOne Hollywood Glow.

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