Wednesday, July 18

NYC: 5th Ave. At Central Park

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Consensus disciplines perception
Perception focuses judgment
Judgment triggers conviction
Conviction colors streets nasty.

Found on July 12th 2012 as I walked along 5th Avenue.

Canon 7D, Canon EFS 17-85mm (f4-5.6), PS4: Topaz Adjustment, Custom texture, AlienSkinExposure 4: Color Films – Polaroid/faded-darkened, Snap Art Blow Up 3 (300% enlargement). Custom spot-applied color shift adjustment layers, original created to be printed at 27" X 36".


Andreas said...

Strong. Very strong. I love the compression, giving the blurred background and almost tapestry-like feeling, that greatly emphasizes the inter-personal distance.

Ted said...

I'm content with this image Andreas and appreciate your support of it. Apparently it has struck many as exploitative. But isn't that what artists do? Don't we enlarge upon the anecdotal moment to reinforce an emotional communication? In a sense, isn't all art exploitive? I'm thinking that the theatricality of this spotlit moment amid the bustle of impersonal shapes may have touched upon an ungrounded emotional wire in many viewers. Hmmmm.... Isn't that a good thing?

Andreas said...

It is - and you have every reason to be content. What makes me wonder is, that you answer a comment with a delay of half a year :D :D :D

As it's not that long until then: Happy happy, as a friend of mine uses to say :)