Saturday, May 5

Mono By Three

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Some animals fail
To see in color
Which may mean that they
Can know things that
People may never

For over forty years I shot overwhelmingly in B&W denied spontaneous access to colors by the complexity of processing and a kid's wallet. So now, when I see artists working in monochrome I wonder why they've performed such serious surgery on their imaginations. But... but... sometimes I hear a tiny voice,

"Ted," it whispers... "remember me? Remember when we were more than friends for countless hours in an orange-dark room? Remember my scent of Dektol and how my fixer turned your fingernails a mottled mahogany? Remember how I left my traces on your clothes,,, spotted and smelly? And remember how I revealed your imagination in those steel pans? You do," the voice cooed.... "You do remember me...."

Lancaster's _Race Against Racism_ April, 2012... A contestant warms her hands against the early spring chill... Canon 7D: Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens, Spot Focus. PS4: custom layering, AlienSkin: Exposure 4: Tri-X, pushed four stops.

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