Monday, September 19

To The Soul

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In a moment
When lights

Eyes window

Izmir, Turkey
Canon 7D, PS4: Custom filters, Topaz, AlienSkin: Bokeh2, BlowUp3 (Beta), Custom textures.

Now for the fun. Here's the virgin image from my FlashCard. Okay...

Now... NOTE: While I do not work for them, I was invited to beta test by AlienSkin. Their not-yet-released BlowUp3 allowed me to carve an approximate 20% section from this image and enlarge it without degradation to 36" on the horizontal edge. It’s a stunning technology, Huh?


Andreas said...

Cool. Make one image, spend a year on posting from tiny crops :D :D :D

Nice image as well.

Ted said...

Now there's an idea Andreas. Hmmmmmm..... But even more interestingly... I don't know what they will charge for the new app... but you can bet it will be less than a big honking new long lens and tripod. AND you can still hand hold the thing! Wheeeeeee!