Monday, June 20

In Intercourse

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Beside the road this weekend. Stopped my bike. Grabbed my Canon G10. Brought it home. No more story.


John Barclay said...

And I'm glad you did. I did a 30 mile ride and took an iPHone shot along the way. The iPhone is GREAT for that!

Ted said...

Just on Tuesday I had to replace my old clamshell LC cellphone that got wet. So... I bought an iPhone. Another learning curve... Feel like a skier soaring over bumps.... It's not that any one bump is high, but the number of the them starts to get my teeth chattering... And here comes another one. did you read that the new iPhone due in September's going to have... What? An eight or ten Mxpl camera? Well I need it now so couldn't wait. We're off to Turkey on the seventeenth of the July... maybe I'll see what this new phone can do there?

Thanks John.