Monday, November 29


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Autumn sometimes gets me down. Rita and I were homebound this weekend. Missed a nice evening at friends' home. It is true, Autumn is a time when one starts to miss things, huh?

Of course this is a rework of an image I did some Autumns back at East Dennis on Cape Cod.

The first freeze came this morning and killed the flowers. Some seemed startled in their crystal casings especially the youngest blooms which had only begun to blossom. They were caught in that clear syrup of glassy death which only after minutes of sun caused them to wrinkle, brown, and droop from their leafy homes. I'm guessing they felt pretty safe last night... but somewhere in their sleep... Their season ended.

And they are among the things that Fall causes you to miss, huh?


Andreas said...

No problem for me, we have already arrived in Winter :D :D :D


Btw, in cases like this, when you rework an image, would you mind linking to the old version? It's always interesting to see the difference. At least in cases when the old version has not been eaten by a rotten Apple :)

And apart from that, do you feel that these new versions are substantially "better" (as opposed to "different")? Or do you just use the same image to express a different mood? I wouldn't be sure about the answer to that question myself, that's why I ask.

Ted said...

Rotten Apple ate it! Perhaps I can add it to this posting later this week? Time seems to be sucked away from me just now - there's so much I want to do and I think ADD is creeping all over my attention span. Sigh.... Moreover I'm becoming somewhat obsessed by the morning gym which is a heavy hand on the weight scale that seems to tilt my energies quite low on the other side of the day when I've traditionally done my art stuff. Add in the holidays and the excitement of business/economics writing just now during the day and the plate's so full.

But anyway you hit upon the motivation... mood. An artist's process of discovery is always pushed through a mood filter. And sometimes it's sucked through... meaning instead of a mood shaping a work in progress.... A mood can initiate an interest in progress.

As I wrote on Sunday night... My mood was melancholic and I felt dismayed by our missing a friend's invitation after we'd promised to be there.Unfortunately Rita had surgery two mondays ago and while everything went VERY well, it was still surgery and her energy levels were simply not up to a party. Of course we called with apologies, and Rita's much better now... every day the batteries get a new charge.

Still, we wer both sad on Sunday evening and this image I posted was taken on a dune immediately behind our friend's second home on the cape. That building in the image no longer exists. Hence a double entendré of sorts is communicated here in the caption to the recipients.

Of course when I originally visited this image the building was merely being restored, but efforts were abandoned at the time until after the oncoming winter.

It was my present mood's intention to express the sense of life's abrasiveness romanticized in the terminal overtones of Autumn. And of course sharing a personal communication with our friend through a shared... lost... moment.


J. L. T. said...

Touching, I know what you mean, more and more.... Sunny greetings