Tuesday, October 26

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Visited Adamstown again. You probably know that it's the antique capital of this part of the country. There are scores of dealers, probably hundreds and many display their stuff in glass cases where central attendants hold the keys. Toys are particularly popular this time of year as retailers from NYC, Boston, Philly, Baltimore, Washington, and Atlanta shop for their holiday inventories. A lot of these smaller things are used for holiday decorations in Elizabethan buildings.

This one's the best part of a century old, they told me. So I thought I'd see what it told me so I can tell you. It's the fun of art to discover the subject's song as it emerges during the process.

Some Geek Stuff

Hand Held/florescent light
Canon 7D: ESF 17-85mm, ISO800, f4.6@1/8 - 30mm
PP/CS4: Topaz, Custom Filters and brushes.

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