Saturday, April 24


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How much of us sprays out through our eyes? How much of a story does a look tell? And whose story is it? Hers? Mine? How much fact? Fiction?


Pretty morning. 3,000+ people gathered outside of my house for the annual Race Against Racism run through the city of Lancaster. I went out to gather feelings. It was colder than I'd thought and my light golf shirt and shorts couldn't ward off the shivers. It's not good to shake a telephoto lens ( Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens). BUT... oddly, the faces that fascinated me left their magic in the blur. In fact, the lens shake may have helped me in post processing to tightly focus upon what it was that magnetized my feelings out there in the field.

Or maybe I just like turning lemons into lemonade? Your call.... Here's the virgin image direct from my Canon 7D's flash card.


Bill Birtch said...

I think the story is mostly yours Ted, as told through her eyes. And it speaks volumes. And, I also think birthday greetings are in order. Have a wonderful day.

Cedric said...

The thirst-quenching quality of lemonade would never be without the bitter-sweetness of the lemon. The lemonade simply shows us the true quality of the lemon for those of us who can't make lemonade to save our lives. And may I say Ted, you make sweet, sweet lemonade.

Ted said...

Yeah... itiz birthday day. Thanx to the last 8 month of getting BUFF I'm actually not feeling older this year over last. Sweeeeet!
Thanks for thoughts... eyes are a wonderment.

You are very clever in squeezing so much out of the metaphor. Now... what do I do with the remaining seeds and pulp? :) Thanks for the support.