Wednesday, December 23

Sold My Camera!

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Yeah... I've been quiet here. don't have my Canon 40D anymore. I sold it a couple of weeks ago. Well, I've still got my G-10, but no camera body to use my lens collection. I also sold the the vertical battery grip. I figured this was the best time to get top dollar, but not the best time to buy a new camera body. See, what I want is the magical red button on the Canon 7D. It's a portal into a new whirled. And it will open through my total collection of lenses, filters and stuff.

I'm guessing that prices will tumble in January on the 7D. If they don't okay, I still got top dollar for my wonderful 40D (like new in the box with all the documentation). But it explains why I've been so quiet (in case you wondered about the quiet here and why I've been working some of my archives).

I think I mentioned that we are going to Peru in February, so I want that cool new red button access to a whole new learning curve. I did take the G10 out into the blizzard that passed through here last weeend. Oddly, I've not even looked at the images. I think I'm in a space between just now. Still reading about photographic ideas, and visiting all fo the sites (although pretty quietly for me).

BTW, recently I commented on a posted picture on the The Mindful Eye forum. I commented upon a post (which requested comments and suggestions) with a visual that I'd spent lot of time working upon to show how I thought it might soar. The artist was incensed that I'd made my comments by working on his image. Odd, I've nevre had that sort of criticism. After all, we are visual artists and comments are best made visually, right? He's made me gun shy. I haven't commented upon any images since. Guess it will pass, but for the moment at least I'm startled. In all of the years I've responded to requests for comments that way, this was the first burst of anger that's come back. Sigh...

Don't need it.

Any way... You all have a Happy Christmas, and enjoy whatever other holiday you celebrate this time of year. My best to you all and thanks for your support over the past years. When I get the new machine, I promise, I'll become a lot more active.



Gelfoto said...

I hope that you obtain his new 7D finally, certainly will do some magnificent photographies.
Him desire Merry Christmas
Warm greetings

Andreas said...

Ted, you never fail to amaze me and make me wonder. How can someone with that much passion for photography bear to be without a camera :-?

As to your experience on the forum, well, you're right. When I see an image, when I feel that there is something that is not as it could be, when I think about an image, then I load it in Photoshop and try what happens when I work on it. And in many cases I've posted the result on the original thread. It's communication. Visual communication. I guess a lot of people don't understand that, but that does not make it wrong. To the contrary: I am staunchly convinced that it is the way it's meant to be. This is how human culture works.

Merry Christmas from me as well :)

Anonymous said...

Ted, I'm glad you sold your camera in preparation for getting the new 7D - it must be a super camera. Just get it in plenty of time to be familiar with all its bells and whistles before you get to Peru. Esp if it comes with a bare bones manual with the rest of the manual a pdf file!

I'm sorry that you had the most unpleasant experience you've ever had, photographically speaking, from a member of TME! This really surprises me. I guess he/she didn't realize you were trying to help and weren't actually stealing that image.

Do let us know when you get the 7D!


Anonymous said...

Ted, As a 7D owner for the last month, I would advise you to get the camera far in advance of a trip as you can. It is a different beast than any Canon DSLR body I have used to date. Not wishing to clutter up your blog, please feel free to email me if you would like some of my findings.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Steve Weeks

Anonymous said...

Hey Ted,

This is probably a better place to post this than at TME.

The person you responded to was new to TME and had not taken the time to learn the culture that had already been established there. I suspect that what he meant when asking for comments was that he wanted to hear how great his picture was and nothing else.

When I saw the original image, the first thing I thought was that it was too busy but I did not have a good answer on how to make it better and did not want to take the time and effort.

Your response was the perfect answer in my mind. He was jealous of your version of the picture and of your talent. He wanted the praises for him and not for you. He did not really want constructive criticism.

Do not change because of one person. We love you just the way you are. :)


Gina said...

oh i wouldnt worry about one or two precious egos ... there are many who enjoy and appreciate good quality feedback ...

hmmm i understand you are excited and low key about taking photos while you wait for the new next best thing ... but do tell ... what about the G10?

i came to photography a year ago and after a bit of research settled on a G9- i love it ... lots to learn of course but soooo enjoyable ...

i look forward to exploring your photography .... GIna

Ted said...

(Angel) Feliz Navidad y mil gracias. Lo que yo quiero esta una poquito video sensación, intiende?

(Andreas) Well, I still have my G10, and I didn’t intend to wait, but the folks at the camera store recommended that I hold on until at least next week. Yes… I am shivering and sweating. Withdrawal is a bitch J As for the TME thing… am I alone to see the irony of an artist posting an image to a community of visual artists, asking them for comments, and expecting that they will not comment visually? Weeerd, huh?

(Flo) Yeah… I am cutting it close re. the 7D…. but any bucks saved can go into Flash Cards and other stuff. I’m PSYCHED! Re. the TME thing… you can see the posting I just made on the thread the guy created. He is quite angry, apparently worried that I intended to hijack both his picture and his thread. Apparently though, there are a bunch of people who left him comments that indicated that they too expected comments and suggestions to be doe only in writing!!! If that’s the case, shouldn’t they say so? It’s odd to expect visual artists to refrain from making visual suggestions on a visual, don’t you think?

(Steve) I need your email address. Thanks for the comments and I do want to know more.

(Curt) I’d have agreed with you, until I saw that the man has started a thread on TME under “Questions, Feedback and Suggestions” which has snagged A LOT of viewers, none of whom supported my making a visual comment (see my comments above). In fact, most seem to think that I should have (1) asked permission to use the image in any way for a comment and THEN after getting that permission (2) submitted my visual suggestion first to the poster privately for (3) permission to post it at all.

I think that merely posting to TME with a request for comment/critique implies full permission to make those responses visually. Why would one assume otherwise? This is STRANGE!

(Gina) YESSSSSSSS! I love my G10. It ROCKS. Just thi weekend I took a burst of pix with it. Stilll….. There’s something about holding onto the 40D brick with a manly lens pointing out of it that’s just sooooooo satisfying. As you can see from my response to Andreas…. I miss that baby.

Barry Armer said...

Enjoy your new camera when you get it Ted (I'm the curious type so now I'll have to go research the "magical red button").

Feel free to fix any of the pictures I post on my blog any time! I could use the help!

Best regards and Happy New Year!

Stephen said...

Ted, What have you done by doing what you do best with another's image.
I mean how dare you.
I have had such an experience as you and I can tell you that it hurt at the time as I thought I was doing it for the better.

I'm a visual person and explain best by doing rather than the use of the language.
When I see people as you have encountered I see a closed door, nothing to gain here, move on Stephen.

Another thing I see is a person that is willing to take but not give.
Inspiration is spontaneous combustion, having to ask for the match to start the fire is like trying to light a bucket of water.

Keep doing what you are doing Ted, you certainly have helped to wet my appetite for creation and for that I thank you again.