Monday, September 28

Artist Series #1

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Some time ago Apple pulled the plug on its original gallery page in Mac.Com. In fact it pulled the plug on Mac.Com replacing it with MobileMe. The images which I posted on Mac.Com are still there but are forever fixed - I cannot add to them or rearrange them in any way. I think I can take them down one time, or close the folders out completely. But the gave us a lot of warning so I arranged them a last time and that ship will sail as long as Apple keeps it bobbing - but it will be a ghost ship, never changing.

At any rate, there's a new option to post galleries on Mac.Me... which I'm slowly exploiting and at some point I'll post the URL. One of the new options will be a gallery of portraits of Lancaster artists... And my friend Ron Ettleman is the first in that series. That's one of his larger works which determined the palette and mood for this work.


Gelfoto said...

Great picture
I suppose that the departure point is a very good photography

Warm greetings

Barry Armer said...

Very nice Ted!

When I look at the brush strokes it's interesting to see how similiar they are throughout the image. I really can't tell if you matched the brush strokes on the artist's portrait to the painting or if you applied the same brush strokes throughout. It doesn't really matter to me which way you did it but the result is very pleasing and fun to contemplate!

Well done!

Ted said...

Mucho gssto Angel. And Barry... I did match the brush stokes to merge the man with his ideas and feelings. You are VERY observant. Thanks.

Andreas said...

Ted, this is fantastic. Love what you did.