Friday, August 21

Cape May In August

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Cape May's a city that hangs on New Jersey's southern point. A piece of it faces the ocean, another piece the bay. And between the two edges sit Victoria's houses. Something about the deliberate way people present their homes hits my illustrator button. The town's pieces look like magazine covers, don't you think?

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And here's sort of the virgin image, well seven images... pulled from my FlashCard and stitched together in PhotoShop. It should be easy to see where I went from here, right? Not sure if you'd call this assembled images pre or post processing, but they're what my Canon EOS 40D saw through its Canon EF-S 10-22mm (f3.5-4.5). After this assembly I cropped, then warped it into acceptable shape. Of course there's extensive tone mapping then both Topaz and Alien Skin's SnapArt finished the job.

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Trub said...

Cape May is a magical place. We stay there every year. You really must see it at twilight approaching Christmas. Specular highlights and muted colors of decorations carry you to an ephemeral place. Yesterdays problems and tomorrows challenges don't exist. For the moment the world is the sea air and the Holidays of your youth.