Saturday, March 28

Just Flowers

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Longwood Gardens is about forty miles from my home in Lancaster. It's in Bucks County not far from the Brandywine Museum we visit frequently. A legacy of the Dupont Family the gardens sprawl both outside and inside. Last week we stopped by and while the March air was still frigid... well, the arboretum encapsulated what's just about to happen outside the house here in Lancaster.

I don't do flower pictures. If you scroll down to the keywords below this post you'll see "Flowers" and if you click there, well I don't think, of all the images on this blog, that more than about five are actual flowers. There are two reasons I don't do flowers..... (1) they are too damned easy. I mean after all you aim the lens click the shutter and there's a flower picture. And usually it's colorful and all that but (2) They are too damned hard. It continually amazes me to see terrific artists who make flower images that resonate with a new intensity. My flowers are so... so... booooring. They simply don't ROCK!

But still, when I roam through Longwood gardens it's as if my camera fires by itself. And I come away with discs crammed with bazillions of boooooring flower images. There's probably some secret to it. Sigh... But nobody's ever told it to me.

Anywayzzzzz.... just as I only posted one Fall picture last year... here's my one spring flower thingeee.... Suggestions?


Andreas said...

Well, this one rocks. Actually it's a compositional masterpiece, and you know it. Actually, too much understatement is a form of arrogance as well :)

And for the rest of us, those who want to see more of that and don't want to wait for Ted's biannual fit, I suggest looking at flowers reflected in a spoon or at Dawn LeBlanc's work, which is mostly about flowers :)

Stacey Olson said...

so good to see you are still doing wonderful and inspiring work Ted!

J. L. T. said...

A masterpiece - no doubt! Thanx that your camera does her job alone in Longwood gardens, thats teamwork;-)
Very in-spiring-spring-firing.
Sunny greets

Debra Trean said...

beautiful.... I was just visiting John Barclays page and he has images from the same

Ashley said...

i la-la-love this photo. i've been out of the blog scene for a bit, but when i returned your blog is one of the first that i checked. great stuff, ted!

Barry Armer said...

Absolutely stunning Ted!

Well done!