Sunday, October 5

La Passione Di Santa


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And why the title? Well let's go deep, okay? The etymological origins of the word "passion" lie in the Latin passus (stemming from pati, patior- "to suffer [to happen]", in the passive sense).

Now it's clear, huh? As Christmas decorations and carols appear on the earliest days of October (this one in Hyde Park, NY)... It's The Passion of Santa!

BTW: Although they work cheap, there is no evidence anywhere that Santa Clause actually likes elves. Actually their whacky little voices are so hard to understand – it's a little know fact that bending to hear their tiny prattle damaged Santa's back.

And here's my erratic convention... The virgin image posted directly from the FlashCard. Comments?


Debra Trean said...

tooooooooooo cute ...I love this....

John Roberts said...

The original looks more like a homeless man instead of the Santa Claus I remember. What happened to his chubby pink cheeks? And in the close up of your finished portrait he has such sad eyes. They still have some sparkle to them, but so sad! Maybe he's sad because he's made to go back to work earlier and earlier each year. The pressure looks like it's beginning to take its toll on the old guy.