Monday, September 15

Mushroom Guy

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Hmmm.... howzabout another street shot with the new 70-300mm Canon from the Mushroom Festival in Chester County's Kennett Square. It's an annual two day event. The Saturday was rained out so Sunday it looked like every family in Philadelphia came out to mushroom country. There were tens of thousands - um - for my new lens to pick among.

Now for my wonder. As you can see I've posted the virgin image from my FlashCard. I like the character of this terrific guy who ran a stand that sold collector licenses. I asked his permission to take the picture. But the image is a few levels away from the camera shutter's moment.

And here's my wonder... this virgin photo on the lower right can be compared to the final image up on the left. It's said that people do not want creativity debunked. They say that "explaining what you do diminishes what you do." It's argued that when people look at the craft, they're distracted by the scenery and don't watch the play.

So... I really want to know: does that make sense? Are you more interested in the mechanics, or the way the engine works?


Anonymous said...

First of all Ted, I want to tell you I visit your site on a daily basis may not post all the time even when i see an image that really moves me like this one. I would love to see the process just because that how i am learning my style but on the other hand i can stand back an enjoy the image also. so i guess I enjoy the mechanics of how the engine works and also just pressing on the gas an enjoying the ride.

Ted said...

Thanks Theo both for the encouragement and the compliments. We are both caught up in the power of post processing and its ability to open opportunities for new resonance with our photographic based art. Neat thing is we are pioneers here. The first generation. It's our work that will establish the rules and the first levels of possibilities for the next generations. We are creating the rules, and legacy. What an exciting time to be a photographer.

Debra Trean said...

Looks like Santa to me what a fun face to shoot. Love that fluffy beard too.... always creative Mr. Wizard....