Saturday, August 30

Morning Mists - NOT!

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AAARGH! I have never done this before. I posted an image here last night just after midnight. And now, in the clear light of morning... I see that it is a technical monstrosity. It is in every way inferior. I am ashamed of it. I have taken it down and trashed it. If you saw it, well it now lives only in your memory. I am doing my very best to see that it does not live in mine. AAARGH!AAARGH!AAARGH!AAARGH!AAARGH!AAARGH!AAARGH!AAARGH!AAARGH! AAARGH!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you! I've done this and unfortunately didn't revisit it until it was to late. Be brave, take a deep breath of fresh air before you slam hand in a door to prevent it again. you have to have the AARGH!AARGH! TO HAVE THE AHHHHH OOOOOOO AHHHHHH MOMENTS. I still have faith in you Ted really I do.

the other ted