Thursday, July 31

Night Truck

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Here's the virgin image of Night Truck - direct from the FlashCard


Bill Birtch said...

Well, now you've done it. You've not only crossed the line between the organic community and fine art, you've gone way beyond. You've provided fodder for the organic photographers to say "See, that's not photography, that's just some manufactured piece of __________ (You fill in the blank). On the other hand those of us who continue to be amazed by your innovative use of the medium will sing your praises, even if we don't completely get it. Or maybe that's the point huh? A very provocative image Ted. I love it.

Ted said...

You're right Bill. This is a doodle. Originally I forgot to post the picture of the sponge toy that I'd taken so at least it would have some claim to photography. And the red sky is also photographically based from my cloud files - but with ghastly enhancement. And if you look reeeeeeely close you can see the outline of bricks against the "buildings" in the background from my texture files. But beyond that ... well everything here is beyond that... I've been watching too many explosive action adventure television shows. Gotta get a life.

Thanks for the comments Bill, you're right... this is NOT for the faint hearted... And is very experimental. Too much? Hmmmmmm....