Thursday, April 5

Mystery Hut

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It snowed this morning! Just as the first blooms peeked out on Tuesday and Wednesday - the temperature snuck below freezing last night and gentle large flakes swirled around this morning's sky.

Pushing along my early commute... yesterday I passed Williams Apothecary and about half a block farhter down this morning I saw this tiny building. While it's now a storage shack for the firm which owns the parking lot surrounding it... you can see it was probably built in the 1920s. Why? See today's commuting map on the right? I've marked the structure's spot with a number five at the end of the green pointer. But you can also see a blue line coming in from the right and curving down to the spot marked 5a where the mighty Pennsylvania Rail Road rumbled along that blue line to its station at 5a.

The station and track were removed in 1917 from spots they occupied for about a century. See how the blue line cuts a swath through the city? And right in the center of that old rail bed sits this tiny hut. Click here to revisit
the hike Rocco and I made to rediscover some of this old right of way last December 30th.

Someone once spent a lot to carefully lay those bricks that make up that little building. It's not large enough to have been a garage. No one seems to know its original purpose, and it's no larger than a single office space. So... why put this up on a busy city thoroughfare about a dozen years after the RR left? With nothing around it.

At night, as the snow swirls about, it looks magical there. Maybe this is where Santa kept a regional office for his elves?

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Andreas said...


I love it. I love the story, I love your sense for history, I love the sign you put on the hut. Have you ever tried illustrating a children's book? Not all of your images have this look, but some do. I really would like to see such a project come to pass.