Thursday, April 26


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As you can see this is a straight shot right out of the camera with no manipulation, enhancement or intervention. It's so nice to just post a picture as it happend in front of my lens so that visitors can see how organic I can be and... and.. er, wait. Maybe there were some tiny touches. You know, just slight spiffing with the saturation, and well maybe with some texturing. And, oh yeah, the sky is a bit altered. Hmmmm... the borders are maybe worked on some. And then I did crop it and added some selective noise. And the F/X fim frame thingee was an after thought.

But beyond those little manips... I can't think of too much else beyond subtracting all of the color information and adding it back and then drawing the clouds. Surely though those trifling additions wouldn't count for anything signifcant. After all this is what happens around the corner from me ever day in the sky over the church where this famous steeple lives. So...

Here's an absolutely organic posting with those few changes I've mentioned. And, well, wuddayathink?


advman said...

First of all: hilarious! And you didn't even dodge nor burn. Love the border :)

Other than that: this is definitely one of your best images so far. Again I have no idea how you you did it, but it's masterly.



Chad Oneil said...

Love it, man!

Check out my Dad's blog, he's up there in PA too.

Bill said...

Wow! I love everything about this image, the composition, the monochromatic subject combined with those rich reds in the clouds and frame, all work together to make a striking image.