Sunday, April 1

Across The Street

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Suburban artists are fascinated by city vagrants and grit. The force they exercise on suburbanite imagination is almost gravitational. Somehow they got the idea that the city's center is some menacing hood, filledl up with marauding homies, graffiti, and spit-pocked sidewalks. Ah but city people know how interesting the place is. Think about it. If you walk in the burbs, beyond macro shots of flowers a'bloom, a random dog, and kids romping on grass carpets - how far will you have to hike to find some character, eh? Meantime, I walk across the street and grab this shot.

Note to self: Better do a couple of gritty images of steet toughs or burbanites will move here rocketing my home's price higher than the space shuttle. Hmmmm... maybe I can hire some kids to dress up and play act? Gotta think on that....

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Bill said...

I too am an urban dweller and totally agree with your comments here. Character is a large part of what defines the inner city ,just as the lack therof defines the 'burbs'.

And that got me thinking about your suggestion a while ago that photoblogs share some images of their environs and you're absolutely right so I will be making that my project for the next little bit. Since I don't have a daily commute, I'll substitute walking the dog and see what I can come up with. I've been negligent in posting comments re your neighborhood images because they truly are striking and inspirational. Look forward to seeing more.