Friday, April 13

Roswell 1947-2007 & More NEWS!!

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Sixty years ago some debris was recovered in the New Mexico desert just outside of the tiny hamlet of Roswell. Rumor has it that a top secret site called Area 61 contains those findings. But a convoy of large army trucks was spotted barreling through the night just a week after whatever happened there... and it lumbered northwest toward a meeting with the east bound freight line in Albuquerque.
And this hidden spot, deep within the walls of an abandoned decaying industrial Lancaster courtyard sits about one hundred yards from the great East-West rail trunk which joined Washington, DC to the western American frontier. Hmmmm.... what was this thing? What did, or does it contain? Whatever it is or was... the shape seems somehow familiar, eh?


More sizzling stuff! You'll recall that last Wednesday I told you that the Canon Digital Photography Forums accepted one of my submissions to include in an upcoming book in the Transportation Category. And last night I learned that a second image of mine also won acceptance in the very competitive Travel & Landscape Category. Now that was really hot stuff. If I made too big a deal, um, sorry but hey - there were submissions from all over the world. It felt cool. So now it moves from cool to HOT! I have been informed that a THIRD... A THIRD of my submissions has been accepted for the book in the Sports Category! Son of a gun! You can see the original post of this image by clicking here.

I took the shot that underpinned this graphic toward the end of the Lancaster Barnstormer's 2006 championship season with my Canon 20D and the Canon EFS 17-85mm (f4-5.6). It is a montage. The sun actually sets over center-left field but somehow this works better, no? At the moment it looks as if this is not only an accepted image but tentatively it could be the full page signature piece to introduce the sports section of the book. Of course they'll make the ultimate decision when they get the final image and see how it prints, but I'm encouraged by their early remarks.

And that's not all, I'm awaiting final word - but I may have even more exciting news to announce this weekend. Hey... all things considered, not such a ratty Friday The Thirteenth, eh?

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