Wednesday, April 18

Parking • 1934

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I thought about this alleyway a lot before making this image. How much has it changed from say the 1930s when Hammet's Sam Spade, or Chandler's Philip Marlowe bounced down these kinds of lanes in a battered Cord. Can't you hear, oh - I don't know - maybe Lester Young's tenor growling out the surprisingly sweet, "These Foolish Things"? And see how the last stabs of sky-color mix with the old auto's yellow lights to catch the peeling hues of pre-Depression parking-garage paint. Where these things horse or carriage stalls just a decade earlier? And now, eighty years later, can we see - through our squinting eyes- any hint of what they'll be eighty years from now when people not yet born bounce down the lanes at sunset in... in... what?

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Andreas said...

Hmm ... interesting path you follow.

I have thought quite some while about it now and I've decided that I like this image. It's funny that this technique solves the same problem as HDR, but in a completely different way, and it leaves you much more artistic freedom as well. You're God in this image. You can do anything and it won't be wrong, because by trespassing into the realm of graphics, you have left all baggage of photographic realism behind.

Interesting. Very interesting.