Tuesday, April 3

Almost Next Door

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Back on last Wednesday (March 24) I'd left off my daily commute just up the block from my home. Now those townhouses I showed you face directly onto The Grubb Mansion, an early 19th century home which, as you can see from the map, now sits at the front of Musser Park. It's the current home of The Lancaster Museum of Art. Ignore the orange netting, Musser Park is undergoing a dramatic face lift which I'll reveal later in the Spring. For now, here's our neigbhor, three buildings north of us.It's marked with a "3" and a pointing green arrow on the map.

Can you imagine how cool it is to walk your dog past the city's art museum a few times a day? Once I was on the museum's board, and as members, Rita and I rarely miss a show.

In terms of my commute - this is instants from my home in the morning. By the way, Lancaster has two commuter rush hours and each lasts at least fifteen minutes. But since I'm going out when everyone's coming in, and vice versa... well the only gridlock I ever run into happens when the snow or ice slows things down a hair. What? Maybe three times a year. This, of course, is another advantage of living in the city's epicenter.

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