Monday, April 2

Phwump! It Is All Here!

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Just for a moment, think with me about videos, dramas, novels... heck, and writing of all sorts. They are all sequential art forms.


Okay, let me try that differently. As I write this, one word follows after another.... see? And you have to go from the word "Just" up there in the first sentence down to this .... word... to see what I am getting at. Sequential. Get it? Same with movies... you go from the opening to the closing. Ditto poetry, dance, even journalism (which is a subcategory of fiction, but I digress).

But... but... but.... Here is what is cool. The advantage of still photography is that it is not sequential. It is not successive. Nope... it is simultaneous. See my image up above? It is everything you need to contemplate, to understand, to "get" my image up above... as opposed to going from the word "Just" to this last word here. Um.... "HERE"!

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