Thursday, April 12

Forelorn & AWARD #2!!!

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Stopped by the stockyards again late this afternoon and in the 5:45 light there was a sense of hopeless fading. Even the color painted it grim. I came away depressed. Does it show?


Last night I told you that the Canon Digital Photography Forums accepted one of my submissions to include in an upcoming book in the Transportation Category. Well now I've learned that a second image of mine has also won acceptance in the very competitive Travel & Landscape Category. Whoa... As I explained yesterday, candidates were invited to submit up to two entries into a number of categories. No more than one of those submissions could be accepted by the juries for each category. Well the judges tell me that the image you will see if you click here has won inclusion in the book along with my Transportation submission that I referenced last night.

This image posted last October 9th was taken on Corporation Beach in E. Denis, MA at sunrise. Although it has some trappings of the HDR process, it isn't one at all. Rather the image took advantage of the wide exposure latitude inherent in a RAW photograph captured by my Canon 20D. That was the actual sky that morning in the south east at around 7:30. Fall came late to New England last year and the foliage still had much of the lushness of summer while the sky was filled with Autumn. This was the first morning following three days of storming which produced a dramatic sunrise.

I'm quite flattered to have two of my submissions accepted for publication by the Canon Forums in a compilation of the best photo images of 2006. This is reeeeeeely great.


ian_mac said...

I only recently became aware of your work and I also think that it is deserving of awards. I hope this encourages you to continue to disclose the nature of the images through the transformation that you take them through. I think that some of your thinking and writing could win awards too!

Ted Byrne said...

Thanks Ian. I am thrilled that among submissions from throughout the world, they judged my submissions to be competitive. And it is even cooler to receive compliments like yours. Your are very generous.

Bill said...

Once again, congratulations Ted. I remember this latest image from the original posting. It's one of the photos which made me a fan of your work. Way to go.