Wednesday, April 4

Horse Houses

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Yesterday we passed the Lancaster Museum of Art on the right as I do each morning travelling north on N. Lime St. and the first stop light is at the corner of E. Chestnut. See how convenient city living is? Right here, less than a block from my home is Williams Apothecary. Odd thing about Williams, maybe once a year or so, during the night - someone runs a vehicle into it! But the repairs sure keep the facade sparkling new, even while it's been crafted to mimic the pharmacies of the eighteenth century.

This block starting with Williams (marked with green arrow #3 on the map) and moving on up N. Lime includes some four or five richly restored row homes which were probably quite grand in the late 1700s. A historical marker just beyond the signal light pole says that the British troops which occupied Lancaster during the War of Independence, comandeered those houses. And for a year or so, to put the pesky Lancastrian patriots in their place, the calvary quartered their horses in those homes which probably included what's now the Apothecary.

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advman said...

Nice imag, and very unusual in style. It looks so ... organic :)

Here in Carinthia there is a smithy in a slight curve between Wernberg and Velden, follow the link for one of those all-new custom Google maps.

About once a year over the course of maybe five, some car crashed into this house. It always made me wonder, and when I recently asked my cab driver who brings me to the train in Velden for a special price, he confirmed that these were all suicides. Now it made sense. The street slopes down the hill and the smithy stands just where in gets even again. Crazy, isn't it? It all stopped when they built a guard rail.

I wonder why they drive into your Apothecary? Can't be the same reason, can it?